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Toner Reactive Foil (TRF) "Sampler Pack"

Price: $29.95


• All 20 foils in our system

• 8" wide x 36" long - 60' total

• CarrierBoard (.020" Fiberglass),

• Mylar cover sheet overlay and Tape



"Flat-Pak" Foils

Price: $8.95


• 10 square feet

• Single color packs

• 8" wide x 15' feet

SOLID Colors

Bulk Foil

"Bulk Roll" Foils

Custom orders welcomed! Just email us what you need and we'll quote you back. Special orders are always prepaid.


Minimum order is 12 rolls (24" wide by 200' in length). Rolls can be cut to any requested widths without charge. For example, an order for 12 master rolls in any metallic shade x 200' length would be $580. (Slight pricing differences between pigment, metallics and special effect foils). So, if for example, the 24" wide rolls were cut to 8" width, that would give you 36 rolls (8" x 200' of foil... 133 sq.ft) costing $16.11 each. Standard cores are 1" diameter, but can be ordered with 1/2" cores for an additional charge. Ok to mix multiple shades in the order as long as they are in the same TYPE of foil category, e.g. Pigment, Metallic or Special Effect... see Flat-Paks above for foil shade by category).


The absolute BEST "bang for the buck" laminator on the market. Quality and features only found on big-name brands at twice the price (or more!) This heavy-duty "10mil" laminator can handle the heaviest of papers and textures. We're an authorized TAMERICA reseller. Our Price: $139.95


(NOTE: Customers outside of North America should see the menu "TECH INFO" > Laminator info, half-way down the page on how to find a suitable laminator for 220v.)


Due to the high value of this laminator, orders with this item must ship by UPS.




Carrier Board

"Carrier Board"

Price: $12.95


• Fiberglass board 8-1/2"x11"

• Tape & Tack Cloth

• 10' of Mylar cover film

• Easily cut to smaller size


(This product is INCLUDED in the "TRF Sampler" kit at the top of the page)



"Toner Transfer Paper"

Price: $14.95


For use with our special 'tricks' as shown shown here... "MISCELLANEOUS > Cool Stuff".

This is our standard transfer-media paper for DecalProFx for making real pressure sensitive, dry-transfer graphics.

• For use with any laser printer or conventional copier

• 10 sheets, 8-1/2" x 11"


Tack Rag

"Tack Cloth"

Price: $2.95


Lifts off loose, unfused toner particle 'dust' before applying a selected color foil. Prevents getting black "pits" in foil covered images.


(This product is INCLUDED in both "TRF Sampler" & "Carrier Board" above)


3M Post-It Note Tape

"3M Post-It Tape"

Price: $8.95


Lifts off residual foil that can be behind after the foil has been peeled off due to highly textured papers. This tape will not damage even the most delicate of papers.