Here are some emails we've received from our customers

• I just wanted to share with you what we are doing with the toner reactive foil that we have been ordering from your company. First, I did not know such a thing even existed! I work with adults who are developmentally disabled, and we had this brilliant idea to use sound-waves of the individuals saying “Merry Christmas” and putting them on the front of greeting cards and then selling them as a fund-raiser as we are a non-profit agency. When I was googling how much it would cost to have card company foil the sound wave graphic, it was going to cost us about $1.50 a card to make, and we would make very little, if any, selling them. I stumbled on someone’s blog about your foil, and all I can say is “WOW”! Not only are the individuals able to actually make the cards from start to finish, we are making them for about 50 cents a card, and they are overwhelmingly popular! I included a picture of our beautiful cards, and just wanted to say thank you! [Our comment: When these voice ‘wave forms’ are turned 90º, they look like Christmas trees... very cool effect. To see these stunning images goto ‘OUR USERS > Photos' in the menu above… the 2nd image shows several of their of their wave form cards. Also, watch this clip how they it was done. ]

Amy Peterson <>



• I used your beautiful color foils to make my wedding invitations. The gold is just absolutely beautiful and the black really makes the ink 'pop'. I'm so happy I found your company, a breath of fresh air from Amazon and its several bad sellers. Your shipping was so fast, they arrived in two days. I look forward to ordering more of your products. I used your color foils with a Minc® (laminator) machine. I don't have a professional foil machine. Thank you again! Will mention your company to all my other crafting friends.

Dania Lopez <>



• Hello Pulsar! I am pleased to send pictures of my project. I originally went looking online how to DIY foil because of an idea I visioned. First we need to give a BIG shout out to the woman who added her experience with your product, to her blog. She was making greeting cards. She included the link and suggested that we buy the sample pack of laser foil. Without that I wouldn’t have found you. I took it over to Office Max today and told them what I wanted to do. The first print I did.....WOW, it was perfect! I did 6 different ones because I couldn't decide! Super easy to use! It's going to be even better when Pat from "Train" signs these lyrics! Thank you so much! Its going to be an amazing piece of wedding memorabilia that I made for $65. Going to be priceless to me with signature from the guy who wrote the song! Thanks again!

DeRouin-Rexford Wedding <>



• Hello, Frank! I received the sample in the mail today and did some experiments. Your foil is the best so far! THANK YOU! I would like to order a metallic gold flat pack, but noticed that Paypal is not available as one of payment methods. There are funds in my account currently, and I would like to receive the foil as soon as possible. It takes awhile for the funds to transfer to my debit card, which could take 3-5 days. I don’t want any delay and am hoping to place an order this evening.

Hieuky Dang <>



• Hi Frank!  We were blown away with the foil! It worked beautifully - we are very impressed! We'd like to share it with our readers as one of our "Obsessions" for October + November issue (basically a list of our favorite products). We often do a reader giveaway with the products we feature. Is it ok with you if use the packs of foil that we didn't use as a giveaway item? Thanks very much.

Irene Farrimond <>


• Thanks so much Frank! I am so excited and you are a pleasure to do business with. The tips are lovely and I can't wait to give them a try this weekend! I look forward your product hitting the stores soon...the possibilities are endless. Try marketing to Joann's and Michael's also. They have foils in their stores but they are only "cuttable" and a pain to deal with because they are so thick. I am so excited about your product because it really is so versatile and it's great for DIY invitations where foil embossing would cost an arm and a leg! I will certainly be in touch and be ordering more supplies. I just love your assortment of colors and the easy storage packaging. A girl like my self has a lot of crafting "stuff" you know! Have a great weekend! Extremely pleased customer. Jay

JaKeitha Patterson <>



• Hello, I just wanted to say thanks so much for having an awesome product! I was able to create beautiful gold 'Save the Dates' for my friend's wedding, and she absolutely LOVES them. :)

Katie Kick <>



• I've been meaning to send you some photos of my work with your foil. I LOVE this stuff! It's taken my wedding invitation and stationery business to the next level!

Katie Rotio <>



• I’m so verrrrrryyyyyy happy with the outcome of my first project using your TRF. I previously purchased foil from Ebay. Although the seller stated that he was unsure if it would work for my needs, I took a chance with it anyways. Needless to say, it didn’t turn out too good and it was money and supplies wasted. As I sat and waited on the arrival of my order from DecalPro, I was a little nerves as I wasn’t sure if it was going to turn out good.  Well as you can see, I think they turned out WONDERFUL!!! Only problem now......I wish you guys offered more colors!!! I will be placing another soon!!!

LeeQuisha Johnson <>



• I am a graphic designer and I use your foils every day!! Thank you so much for such an amazing product, love it so much!!

Mackenzie Nieten at HQ <>



• WOW!!!! It is SO easy! You guys are awesome!!!! (Now I want to foil everything in my house! ... and I need to order more foil).

Melysa Bortone <>



• Just wanted to share with you my wedding invitations - we used the purple DecalPro foil! It was a lot of work but it came out amazingly well and I love them. Thanks for the great product!!

Merry Mao <>



• I saw after I sent this that it said it was a replacement package on the sales sheet so thanks for doing that and not waiting until I asked for you to send another!  I'll definitely order again.  I tried out the stuff already and LOVE it!  Worked like a charm!

Rebecca Lynne Photography <>



• I am a repeat customer who loves your products. I use them to make prints and stationary.

Shana Starks <>