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Here are all of our foil types and shades



All metallic shades are very high gloss except the 3 "Satin" shades which are a medium gloss.





WHITE: Simply put, you can't print white! To make a white image, you just print your artwork as black and add the white foil.


GRAY: Printing "gray" on any printer is actually individual back dots that mix with the white paper in between them creating the illusion of gray. The more space between dots, the lighter the 'shade'. This foil enables you to make a solid gray!


BLACK: Conventional black toner is a very dull flat black. This black foil makes it a rich "lacquer" looking black.





OVERCOAT. Applied on top of full-color images to turn what is otherwise 'dull' toner images into high-gloss graphics and text.


IRIDESCENT: Applied under a full-color image which makes all colors look metallic-like for a very unusual effect! Print your image in reverse onto a sheet of acetate (regular overhead projector sheets) and add the iridescent foil. Beautiful effect when viewed from the other side.


HOLOGRAPHIC: These are neutral reflection foils, meaning no embedded patterns. Excellent effect when you use them as a background on your designs where you would then print something else on top of these foils to make images 'pop' off the page.


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